Jack Whatley is a recruitment strategist. Jack is known for creating a recruitment marketing that helps him beat out companies for top talent that offer higher wages or sign on bonus.  His recruitment marketing agency competes in the logistics industry. Which has had a labor shortage for years and is facing a shortage of 60,800 and expected to grow to 1250,00 in a 2025.

His Driver DNA Hiring System has made Jack the #1 People ops Recruitment Strategist for truck driver recruitment in the world.

With the full employment economy and the social expectations of the work force is changing how to recruit and retain top talent.

Jack has extended his Human Code of Hiring of Hiring and DNA Hiring System into other industries who are experiencing a crowded talent market or labor shortage.

His recruitment stratigy builds successful recruitment marketing and employer branding campaigns. That provide a good candidate experience and reinforce employer brand, while delivering highly qualified applicants for his clients to hire.

Here are the subjects Jack speaks on:

Employer Branding

The goal is to position your company as the employer of choice in your area. You will discover how to take your companies mission statement and company values. And what your company has experienced in business and package it in a way so that your authentic employer brand positions your company as the employer of choice.

Career Messaging 

The Goal is to package your career messaging in many modalities so it gets consumed. Your message also reinforces your employer brand and attracts the idea candidate to you company. We do this with a recruitment marketing campaign. Positioning your employer brand, with credibility and packaging  your career message to attract the top candidates who will excel in your company.


The goal is to promote your employer brand and career message.We will cover the new roll technology will play in amplifying your employer brand and career massage recruitment marketing. We will cover how AI and automation will be used to get your employer brand and career message out there in an even bigger way. And how that will affect the HR, People opts department moving forward.

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